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Desert Blossom


Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

Breathtaking landscape where the imagination can soar.

Many look at these hills and mountains and see brown. But in reality they are full of ever changing color. Kept secret in the soil are many seeds ready to explode and dazzle us with an awe inspiring display of beauty.

Happy Cows Stormy Clouds

Eastern Oregon scene. Wide open spaces with rolling hills and dramatic skies. Then the sun shining on some cows just minding there own concerns. Contrast and beauty. Peace and intensity. Then there is us just driving by.

16×20 oil on Canvas $375

Happy Cows Stormy Clouds

Original Oil on Canvas



This feeling this emotion is so important in our lives. But it is hard to achieve unless we take time to look beyond ourself and our devices. We are surrounded by so many awe inspiring wonders, the mighty ocean, a dazzling starry night, stunning sunsets, and billowing clouds. I mention things that are big, because they remind us that there are many things that are much grander then we ourselves. However there are small things too, even the tiniest plant or animal is designed so amazingly, we can only imitate but not replicate. The awe we feel reminds us that not only are we minute in comparison to this earth and universe, but we also have so much to learn. It keeps us humble and tells us there is potential to create and expand. Thus no doubt the term awe inspiring, for something may inspire in us awe but also awe then inspires us! It’s worth the time it takes to take a hike or journey to a beautiful place and enjoy the view. It may indeed be life changing.